Immigration and civic applications.

NIS, is a Solution of Identity and Citizens Applications integrating the management of civic, migration, and immigration applications and uses biometrics as a tool for indubitable person  identification, oriented to registering the identity of individuals and the generation of documents and certificates. 

Among the Civic Procedures are implemented registration services of births, marriages, deaths, amendments, identity cards, travel documents and citizenship and in migration procedures are included residence permits, travel records, records of deportees, records are covered excluded, permits and frequent travelers.

NIS can be useful:

  • In government Institutions running formalities of the population: civic, identity, migration and immigration.
  • In institutions issuing identity cards or the like.

NIS allows:

  • The Single Record of people who enter the system, based on the biographical and biometric data.
  • Keep everyone associated with the history of previous biographical data that were modified in any proceedings.
  • Treatment and resolution of irregularities in the identity of people.
  • Integrate with systems for electronic document management for digital recording of documents required for people to receive services requested in their applications.
  • Have a Registry Control of persons on grounds of interest, which is used in business processes of each procedure to validate whether the person is impaired or not to receive the requested service.
  • Customize sending electronic customers about the applications and services required notifications.
  • Ensure a safe environment for the organization through managing user identities, based on the use of standards for access control.
  • Interact with AFIS systems for identification and authentication of people.
  • Exchange information with other systems.

NIS's features are:

  • Biographic and biometric as a starting point for identifying and processing search.
  • Capture of biographical, documentary and geographical data of people in a simply and securely way.
  • Capture of photograph and fingerprints with quality assurance according to the ISO 19794-5 standard and recommendations established by ICAO.
  • Capture digital signature.
  • Monitoring and/or correction of errors and detection of impersonation attempts.
  • Control of the lifecycle of an identity.
  • Personalization of identity and quality control process.
  • Management of shipments and deliveries of identity documents.
  • Reports configurable and adaptable to the needs of the organization.
  • Using the ANSI / NIST format via the SMTP protocol and / or Web Services using the OASIS BIAS standard for interconnection with other systems using biometrics.
  • Infrastructure that facilitates the integration of hardware devices and their administration and centralized control within a corporate network.
  • Ability to exchange data with other systems that implement the standard CBEFF.


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