Xyma Smart Acces

Access Control

XYMA SMART ACCESS is an computer solution to monitor, register and control people’s traffic through access points at facilities allowing your configuration with a high level of security and combining the use of identity cards, biometric information and access codes.

XYMA SMART ACCESS can be used at: Centers and institutions which require high security levels in the access to their facilities. Likewise, it is useful and practical at small premises, organizations, businesses, hotels, shops and residential apartment buildings.

Xyma Smart Acces allows:

  • Working with low frequency proximity cards (125 KHz) and contactless smartcards (MIFARE, 13.56 MHz).
  • Building access control according to the client´s requirements.
  • Providing training for users and card issuers.
  • Having procedures for the secure issuing of identity cards and ensuring that identity documents be issued only by the entity in charge of issuing the said cards and that identity documents be only issued to the right persons.
  • Having security controls that offer access to the information in the identity document only to duly authorized observers for that purpose.
  • • Having an authentication process which implements the previously established chain of trust while verifying the identity of the holder and the authenticity of the identity cards and its credentials.

Xyma Smart Acces's features are:

  • It is compatible with the equipment from different access control technology manufacturers. (L-1 Identity Solutions, Infinias, ZKSoftware)
  • It is well suited to the requirements of any work environment requiring security for access to facilities as well as attendance control of employees.
  • It has the following modules: Monitor, Attendance control, Access Control •A secure registration process that establishes each person´s entity and determines that the person is authorized to use the privileges or services provided.


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