Xyma Phone IP-PBX

IP Switchboard.

IP telephony today provides endless possibilities for its management and use. In order to maximize the utility of IP telephony, a Software has been developed for the configuration of a telephone exchange based on IP Asterik voice platform, an open source product renown worldwide in the field of IP telephony, created by the American company Digium.

Its handling is simple, with a friendly and structured interface so that the admin user can use it easily, without employing programming codes.

Xyma Phone IPPBX can be useful in:

  • Making the most of the possibilities offered by IP telephony, especially in the use of common networks, unified messaging, links to telephone exchanges, etc.
  • Organization and configuration of an Asterisk based telephone exchange with a friendly interface which is structured in a way that users can easily use it without employing programming codes.
  • Integration with XYMA PHONE CONTROL products, in order to manage call charge and XYMA PHONE RECORD products, for managing phone conversations recording.
  • Controlling budget concerning extensions or user accounts.
  • Working in a Call Center environment with queue management of operators.
  • Getting stats and details of the operation of the exchanges, through more than 20 custom reports.


Xyma Phone IP-PBX allows:

It allows the detailed organization and configuration of any telephone exchange.

Xyma Phone IP-PBX's features are:

It provides a large number of services among which are:

  • IVR, call transfer
  • Call center
  • IAX Associates (Internal Network for Telephone Exchanges using Asterisk)
  • Call on hold
  • Do not disturb
  • Music on hold
  • Caller ID
  • Supervision of extensions
  • Conference rooms
  • User accounts
  • Handling operators
  • Tripartite conference

It can be integrated to XymaPhoneControl software, to control telephonic expenses.
It can be integrated to XymaPhoneRecord software for phone call recording and monitoring.
It can work with both analogue and digital lines for communication with the public telephone network.


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