Xyma Phone Control

Phone Expenses Control.

Xyma Phone Control, a software for telephone information management capable of providing information of calls made from a PBX phone board, facilitating the control and management of telephone costs. For which a large variety of reports is available.

Xyma Phone Control can be used in places where you want to evaluate and control the telephone costs in details.

  • Clinics
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Companies


Xyma Phone Control allows:

  • Connect to any kind of telephone board (PBX), both serial port as TCP / IP.
  • Set of pre-configured data of fee costs.
  • Handle telephone costs of several entities simultaneously.
  • Associated work with hotel management systems.
  • Generation of alerts related to the implementation of telephone costs.
  • Getting information of origin, destination, date, duration and costs of calls.
  • Allocation of telephone expenditures budgets to extensions and users.
  • Alerts to the consumption of the budget allocated to each user / phone extension.
  • Alerts to budget consumption at each level of the organization.
  • Two configurable budget alerts.
  • Definition of blacklist.
  • Defining the entity phonebook.
  • Configuration from a website.

Xyma Phone Control's features are:

  • Work Interface in a web environment
  • Traces of Users and System Operation
  • Management of expenditure budgets f individuals and groups
  • Work with personal account codes
  • More than 50 Statistical Reports
  • Easy configuration for analyzing traces of the PBX calls
  • Sending of budget execution alerts
  • Dynamic Creation of reports by the user.
  • Has an architecture consisting of four modules:
    • Configuration Website
    • Reporting WebSite
    • Command Processor (the line that takes calls from the PBX)
    • Vitality, management of log files and alerts.


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