News processing and analysis.

LIDt NOTI is a system aimed to unload and process digital news websites.

It processes large volumes of news and allows its visualization online, by groups, topics, and categories.

LIDt NOTI is useful:

  • For the analysis of news information.
  • In editorial offices of news agencies.
  • For the development of software applications of news information.
  • As a news portal for organizations.


Lidt-NOTI allows:

  • To visualize recent news online.
  • To group news in a hierarchical fashion and by topics of interest such as culture, politics, health, and others.
  • To make news reviews and news groups, and reports.
  • To gather news in a smart way through simple and advanced search by key words and attributes. Furthermore, it allows the search of similarities and feedback according to relevance.
  • To detect automatically entities such as persons, places, organizations, events, and it provides graphics of relations among these.
  • A system of unloading plan according to the regulations of access to the internet of your organization, which optimizes the working time of its users.
  • To visualize in a Map the news in your country of origin.
  • To provide a portal allowing institutions to be well informed with the latest news.
  • To determine by means of email warnings and RSS about latest news, categories, warnings, customized queries allowing you to obtain information from your navigator or favorite email application.
  • To obtain a set of useful statistics for information analysis.
  • To provide multiple web services allowing the insertion of news information in subject portals.


Lidt-NOTI's features are:

  • It provides security and efficiency for news analysis process.
  • The display of the product provides security and efficiency on news analysis process.
  • It saves time for the users on daily information check.




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