Social networks analyzer.

STELA is a system which provides the main techniques to analyze the structure and content of social networks.

STELA can be useful in:

  • Scientific centers and institutions which require making social, structural or user’s behavior analysis in a social network.
  • People who are interested in diagnosing the reach of their social relationships.
  • Companies and market researchers who are interested in reaching efficiently to the richest sources of qualified opinions and, at the same time, getting to the group influencers.
  • Monitoring and surveillance for security tasks.

STELA allows:

  • Extracting information from social networks.
  • Identifying groups of individuals starting from relationships established among them.
  • Detecting the importance of individuals in the social group they belong to, as well as their level of influence on other members of the social network.
  • Detecting social roles of individuals depending on the analyzed network. Including new metrics for these studies, according to the social criteria detected by analysts.
  • Filtering and retrieving information according to social variables or attributes of specific actors from the analyzed network.
  • Visualizing the structure of social networks in an interactive way and in different forms.
  • Navigating through the detected information from actors and the relationships among them.
  • Detecting and processing topics and threads of conversation in email networks.

STELA's features are:

  • A simple and friendly interface which allows several users to use analysis perspectives according to experts.
  • Inclusion of functionalities per social networks dynamically starting from plugins.
  • Algorithms and social analysis techniques of international renown.
  • New visualization techniques which are helpful in the structural analysis of information.
  • Scalable and distributed architecture.


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