Service platform for processing information files.

XINETICA is a web service platform which provides solutions for complex File Processing Problems, Text Mining and Natural Language Processing and it allows integrating its functionalities to third party applications.

XINETICA can be useful at:
Scientific centers and enterprises which need to include textual information analysis in their systems by using its services.

Xinetica allows:

  • Re-using implemented functionalities and algorithms through web services consumption.
  • Reducing costs in the scientific and industrial applications development which require the services that the platform provides.
  • Extracting the text information contained in a file.
  • Detecting the language used in texts written in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Chinese-mandarin.
  • Detecting and converting the encoding of characters in a text.
  • Detecting the specific grammatical function that every word plays in a text: noun, adjective, preposition, verb, adverb, article, conjunction, interjection.
  • Detecting spelling and concordance mistakes in a text, as well as providing a list of suggestions.
  • Detecting and classifying entities like: person’s name, place, organization and events.
  • Classifying text documents depending on topics defined by users.
  • Making summaries from a group of documents.

Xinetica's features are:

  • Simultaneous use by a large number of users.
  • Integration of its functionalities to other applications in a simple form.
  • It has its own algorithms and technological research.
  • Scalability increases clearly upon demand.
  • Traceability of the service operations through the operating system’s events logger.
  • Reference manual for developers.


Jorge Antonio Gomez Colombat

Friday, 10 Apr 2015

17:45 PM

Primero felicitar al equipo de realización del Portal de la Empresa de parte del proyecto Xinetica, por el nuevo diseño, pues creo que han sobrecumplido con las expectivas de todos los usuarios. Segundo solicitarles de ser posible que incluyan en el apartado del producto Xinetica un vínculo al Portal de Xinetica publicado en el Centro de Datos (, para que los usuarios interesados puedan interactuar con el proyecto. También quisiésemos enviarles información más actualizada del proyecto sobre qué permite y sus características; para ello se pueden comunicar con el jefe del proyecto mediante esta cuenta [roberto.toledano@datys.cu], para saber como hacerles llegar esta información. Felicidades!!!

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