Business management.

eTES is a system of enterprise resource planning (ERP) aimed at supporting the business management, providing quick response to problems, as well as effective information management, which allows appropriate decision-making and reducing total operating costs.

eTES can be useful at:

  • The Business Sector.

eTES allows:

  • Controlling and improving the business processes.
  • Reliable, accurate and timely access to all information (data integrity)
  • Data exchange among different areas of the organization, using its own import/export mechanism.
  • Configuration of documents and the Financial State.
  • Performing complex calculations regarding payment to employees, creation of Indicators and Reports Evaluated in Accountancy, estimation of buy invoices costs and other documents, through the incorporation of a formula assessor.
  • Controlling business operations (purchase, stocktaking, sales, and production), the state of outstanding items, charges and payments, starting from the documents flow and its personalization. It also manages human resources (payroll) and fixed assets. All these modules work against a database in an integrated way and they record the outcome of each operation in accountancy.

eTES's features are:

  • Completeness: it allows controlling the business processes flow, taking into consideration that all areas of an enterprise are related.
  • Modularity: it is made up by interconnected modules managing the business processes (buying, stocktaking, production, sales, accountancy and finances, human resources, fixed assets and information consolidation).
  • Adaptability: it includes many business functionalities which may be customized according to the business needs.
  • Parameterizable: it has configuration and parameterization mechanisms allowing them to model its business according to the processes carried out and the outputs needed.
  • Analysis and decision-making: it uses the platform of Oracle Business Intelligence to facilitate information analysis and decision-making about the enterprise´s economic and financial state, human and material resources, sales, buys and stocks.
  • Scalability: is a completely scalable solution and adaptable to any type of business.
  • Simple and Intuitive Presentation Layer.
  • It is a multi-entity, multi-currency and double-currency solution, certified by Cuban regulations.
  • Auditable: it generates detailed traces of all operations carried out in the system and it controls operations per user and authorizations granted.

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