Vehicle management.

A product designed for vehicle and technological gear controls at any company or organization. A system capable of controlling a company´s resources, achieving an efficient management, a constant process monitoring, reduction of costs and/or expenses, and saving. It has a set of functionalities and reports, aimed at improving the management of the fleet of vehicles, fuel, and complementary resources.

gCARS is useful in:

Small companies and organizations to provide all necessary information for executive directors, specialists and the rest of the workers. Through its functionalities, it guarantees the management of:

  • Vehicles and technological gear.
    • Historic record of every change performed made on a vehicle as to registration plate, cost center, type of vehicle, registration number, engine number, and body number.
    • Control of waybills.
    • Control of the registration documents, and operating licenses.
    • Control of technical and maintenance servicing.
    • Control of expenses (workshop, leasing, or any type of user-defined costs)
  • Pre-paid cards and fuel vouchers.
    • Control of cards and vouchers handing over.
    • Mass elimination of the handing over and return of cards and vouchers.
    • Recharge control.
    • It allows the cards to have several services.
    • Balance allocation.
  • Fuels and lubricants.
    • Control of fuel and lubricants consumption of vehicles and gear.
    • It allows to create fuel plans considering the real consumption of the organization.
    • Control of allocations for the organization´s fuel provider.
    • It allows the allocation of fuel.
  • Complementary resources: parts, accessories.
    • Historic control of allocations developed within the system.
  • Auditing system.
    • Control of the actions performed by users of the application having a direct impact in the database, such as: insert, modify, and delete.


gCARS allows:

  • To establish the accounting period, performing accounting operations in the period recorded in the system.
  • It allows to reopen an accounting period.
  • To import indexes.
  • A dismissing/registration system of the workers.
  • To generate receipts to be exported to accounting.
  • To generate warnings on account of different reasons.
  • To generate reports in PDF format and graphics.
  • To import/export  data.
  • Security in the access level of the application´s users.

gCARS's features are:

  • It has a simple and friendly interface to access information in an easy and swift way.
  • It makes use of the benefits provided by Boostrap framework with HTML5 and CSS3 for the design of web applications, guaranteeing compatibility with different browsers used by the users.
  • The system is multi-entity.
  • It allows to relate the users to different cost centers with which they have permission to perform accounting operations. 
  • It has a modular structure.

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