Borders Control.

FRONTPAS is a comprehensive solution for borders management and control. It is an integrated system for Registration, Control and Surveillance of legal border crossings, working with international standards of safety and quality in a friendly and flexible environment.

The Solution provides a technology platform that facilitates control and traffic management of people in the legal boundaries and their flows under strict security conditions by allowing, according to the national interest, to counteract the trafficking of persons, goods and fuels.

FRONTPAS may be useful:

  • To control the migration flow at all points of entry and exit whether on land, sea or air.
  • To raise the country's security, improving border control points.
  • To efficiently complete the international standards related with travelers formalities (applications).
  • To safely feasible procedures at borders.

FRONTPAS is a system:

  • Customizable, is tailored to the unique needs of the client and meets the international standards and migratory treaties between States.
  • Reliable and safe, has tools and controls to prevent major security threats: photo substitution, deletion or modification of biographical data, document theft, identity impersonation, unlawful acts of officials.
  • Technologically open, system implementation and its associated equipment are supported on readily available commercial products.

FRONTPAS allows:

  • Managing immigration checking in general, from any border point.
  • Capturing and use the multi-biometric information (face and fingerprint) to detect and prevent identity impersonation.
  • Checking the identity of the persons against Checklists, etc.
  • Checking passenger lists of flights (API) prior to the arrival of travelers.
  • Work online or offline the core system, which gives high reliability to the Solution.
  • Configure workplaces, capture devices, roles and users of the system, checking activities, self-control lists, nomenclatures and behavior of system processes.
  • Alert in real time the appropriate authorities from pre-defined rules, on various issues including: detecting a passenger in checklists, delays in clearance time, devices with problems, irregular operation of any system module , lack of connectivity, attempts to violate the security of the system, etc.
  • Overall registration of all information transiting through the system for consultative purposes, control or research.

FRONTPAS's features are:

  • the establishment of a central database with all the information related to the border.
  • the ability to query the database information of concerned authorized bodies.
  • Ensure management and technological integration of all key processes in border management.
  • Technologically, it homogenizes the range of systems required for borders automation.
  • the ability to obtain statistical information on migration flows.
  • Tools for detection of duplicates.
  • Process of Quality Control and Supervision, ensuring the reliability of information contained in it.
  • Can operate independently or integrated into a system of national identity.


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