Assistance Biometric Control.

Biomesys Attendance Control is a system that takes advantages of the benefits of those technologies applying biometrics to record the attendance events in an organization through the identification of employees and the authentication of their identity using a biometric fingerprint sensor . From capturing unique biometric identifications, the system becomes a highly reliable data generator due to its low or zero level of vulnerability to identity theft. It is a useful for those who seek to rely on a simple tool with a flexible and adaptable approach to the functional structure of the organization, which offers customizable tools for control and decision making in the area of ??human resources.

Biomesys Attendance can be helpful for:

  • Any organization, given the flexibility and adaptability of its structure.

BIOMESYS allows:

  • Reduce costs by using the local network of the organization.
  • Eliminates the costs associated with the purchase and customization of magnetic cards or other supports.
  • The design of the system infrastructure is not associated with any technology, brand or manufacturer of authentication devices.
  • Can capture equipment brands in disconnected mode of the system having storage autonomy.
  • Can be configured in simple or complex business structures.
  • Automatic Extraction of the Information of disconnected devices.
  • Interact with accounting systems or payroll emission through customized interfaces.

BIOMESYS's features are:

  • Does not establish implementation limitations associated to the type of organization and can be installed in most public and private businesses regardless their size.
  • Can be quickly integrated with different means of authentication such as biometric scanners, magnetic band credentials, barcode cards and contactless, among others.
  • A biometric capture module to control the staff’s entries and exits.
  • Provides work Interface in WEB environment, for the management and collection of statistical reports, documents which facilitate the decision makers to control staff attendance. It is remotely operable.
  • Allows multiple levels configuration according to the organization chart.
  • Ability to scale to multi-biometric identifications: face, iris, voice, etc.
  • Allows the expansion of the system infrastructure to increase its performance in a dynamic and distributed form.

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