Points of Sale Management.

D ’ POS is a flexible comprehensive solution for Sales Points which has a simple and intuitive interface, as well as a high versatility in the configuration of the operations.

D’POS can be used in:

  • Business sales points and gastronomic centers.

D´POS allows:

  • Measuring the economic impact of sales.
  • A thorough control over internal operations and their accounting record.
  • Versatility in the configuration of Nomenclatures, Products, Organizational structure, Documents and Security.
  • Sales statistics and warehouse.
  • Interaction with external devices: scanners, ticket printers, weights, cash drawers, viewfinder, touch screen and programmable keyboards.
  • Reading of items with bar codes, references, several search filters and stock management.
  • Kitchen and dining room management, discount treatment, charges, home account, ticket return, ticket on hold, set menu management, identification of tables and guests.

D´POS's features are:

  • A simple and highly configurable application. Having a reduced learning curve makes it easier to develop the users’ the necessary skills in order to provide an efficient and quality service.
  • It is made up by two modules: D´POS Commerce and D´POS Gastronomy.
  • It can be installed in an autonomous mode or interacting with an ERP.
  • D´POS was conceived following a multilayer service oriented architecture which uses .NET 4.0 as a platform and free third party components. It can be deployed in different data base managers (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and others)

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