Papyrus Doc

Document Management.

PapyrusDoc, Solution for the management of both physical and digital Official Documentation relating to the processes of an organization

PapyrusDoc can be used:

In offices and/or enterprises which need to solve:


  • Inefficient access to information in a timely manner.
  • Information fractionated in silos
  • Manual work processes replacement
  • Little documentation control
  • Little or no documentation use traceability


Papyrus Doc allows:

  • Easy collaboration through notifications, tasks and notes in documents
  • Safety in document management
  • A wide range of possibilities in search for content and metadata
  • Strict control in managing paper documents: registration, loans, printing, archiving and destruction

Papyrus Doc's features are:

  • Record sorting
  • Creation of records with multiple documents
  • It enables creating relationships between records
  • Annotations to records
  • Automatic generation of summaries
  • Management in detail of large volumes of physical documentation.

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