Hotel management.

eHotel is a software that provides a comprehensive solution for the management of a hotel or multiple chains of hotels and resorts, in a friendly and flexible, embracing most used operational alternatives, with a simple and intuitive interface.

It has a wide variety of solutions for hotel chains, including:

  • Reservation Center.
  • Data Warehouse.
  • Centralized Management of the Records of Guests and Enterprises.

eHOTEL allows:

  • Great flexibility in the processes of check-in and check-out and management rooms.
  • Individual and group reservations.
  • Classification of guests totally configurable.
  • Online Checking for availability.
  • Automatic generation of rates.
  • Contracting and multicurrency rates.
  • Estimation of the total amount for each stay.
  • Invoicing and generation of historical and statistical information.
  • Management of the hotel operation as an integrated whole: database and user interface unique in the front, back, point of sale (POS), central reservations and other functions.
  • Centralized management of guests and company information.
  • Remote access via Web for consulting and monitoring the activities of the hotel.
  • Ensures that reservations via Web will be recorded in real time simultaneously affecting its room inventory.

eHOTEL's features are:

  • It is implemented on an effective platform with the power of Oracle Databases.
  • Built on a multilayer and modular architecture that foresees its constant and necessary evolution.

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