Xyma AMR Electricity

Control of electrical consumption.

Xyma AMR Electricity is aimed at the automation of electricity meter’s reading and information transmission via IP.

Xyma AMR Electricity can be used in:

  • Ministries.
  • Hotel Chains.
  • Corporations.
  • Large institutions that want to carry out the centralized control of the total power consumption; in different types of tariffs (night, day and peak) and other data provided by electricity meters.

Xyma AMR Electricity allows:

  • Centralized monitoring and at all levels
  • Registration of each service´s readings.
  • No limitation regarding the services that can be connected to the system.
  • No limitation regarding system operators and definable user levels
  • Flexibility in the elaboration of reports and the search of information.
  • Sending alerts by sms, e-mail or voice
  • System’s scalability in a treelike structure.
  • WEB page presentation.
  • Use of the existing LAN infrastructure and all its advantages.

Xyma AMR Electricity's features are:

  • Modern visual interfaces that simplify the interaction with (web) systems.
  • Independence from electricity meters. Separation on an independent box of the electricity meter’s controls in order to facilitate the support of new types of meters (TCP/IP, GPRS, etc)
  • Fault tolerance. It guarantees the system’s operation continuously despite the occurrence of faults and allows the system to recover itself no matter their magnitude, and if it cannot recover itself, it generates an emergency warning.
  • Warning system. This system will keep a group of people informed about the continuous operation of the system and the occurrence emergency situations.


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