Quick implementation of social studies and opinion polls.

Beesor: software solution for management and implementation of data collection projects based on structured questionnaires, as well as specialized processing, visualization and analysis of results.

 It covers comprehensive management of data collection project at its different stages: training, survey design, distribution, collection, processing and results. The flow of data collection project management goes through different stages that integrate synergistically into a centralized management environment.     

Beesor can be used at:

In organizations that require to evaluate the quality of its services by surveying persons, such as: Travel Agencies, Hotels, Tourism, Media (News Agencies, Television, Radio), Transportation Companies, etc; also for Centers engaged in Social and/or Market Research, and for Centers engaged in the evaluation of the state of opinion, and the monitoring of the public perception. In the business area, it may be used for the evaluation of the Business and Internal Communication Climate perceived by the workers.

Beesor allows:

  • Systematically monitoring of customer perceptions about services quality through the systematic implementation of customer satisfaction surveys and users opinions.
  • Total autonomy over data and research results.
  • Flexible adjustment to different collection scenarios:
    • Systematic: tracking and monitoring
    • Operational: immediate and rapid response
    • Dynamic and evolutionary: information requirements changing in time.
  • Faster speed in availability of results.


Beesor's features are:

  • Centralized management via web using personal computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • High complexity questionnaires support and its variations.
  • Collection of responses via web or using mobile devices in environments without connectivity.
  • Statistical processing and data advanced analysis.
  • Ability to disaggregate collection activity and processing.
  • Flexibility, deployment, scalability and high availability.


  • multiple clients support architectures
    • shared infrastructure and server, data isolation, subdomains (Multi-Tenant SaaS)
    • separate instance per customer (Single-Tenant SaaS)
  • Enable/disable of functionalities by license
  • Horizontal Scalability of Service
  • High availability support
  • Continuous release (1clic deploy-rollback)


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