Passport issuance.

EMIPAS is a system for issuing machine-readable passports that comply with the standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The system links the processing offices with the passports issuing stations ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in processing the document.

EMIPAS may be useful: 

For government institutions issuing passports and travel documents.

EMIPAS allows:

  • Customizing Machine Readable Passports.
  • Inclusion of two-dimensional barcode for biometric and alphanumeric data.
  • Quality Control and Supervision of the passport, which guarantee reliability and accuracy of the information contained in it.
  • Inventory control of passports and the status of each personalized document.
  • Allows capturing live information or through documents that contain it.
  • Possibility of verification of each person requesting passport against Impairment Lists.
  • Fingerprint Verification at the time of delivery of the passport.
  • Encrypted Data Transmission between offices.
  • Control of the activity permitted for each user depending on the role to which he/she belongs and the permits associated with that role, as well as the time at which he/she can perform actions.
  • Register of machines that have access to the system.

EMIPAS's features are:

  • Does not depend on specific equipment. However, the system controls the means registered within each configuration, to ensure reliability.
  • Provides tools to ensure uniqueness of individuals in the database.
  • System of centralized and/or decentralized printing according to the customer´s interest.
  • Can work independently or integrated into an identity system.
  • Security mechanisms and auditing information.
  • It is supported on the Windows operating system.


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