Xyma Smart Checking

Immigration Self-Check.

Immigration Self Checking allows authorized persons to perform immigration clearance automatically, via a smart card, which safely stores all the information required for verification of your identity in the immigration checkpoint.
The verification of the identity is performed from the following elements:  the presence of the card, the owner’s fingerprint, a numerical key, and the face.

Immigration Self Checking can be useful in:

  • Airports and immigration checkpoints.

Xyma Smart Checking allows:

  • Customizing, through its EMICARD module, the smart card which will serve as identification and controlling its quality.
  • Sharing information with immigration control systems by using the MACMANAGER module.

Xyma Smart Checking's features are:

  • Module for the enrollment of people
  • Cryptographic key created and controlled by the owner of the application.
  • The privacy of people is protected because the information is recorded only on the card delivered.
  • Checking of impediments against Control and Arrays lists.
  • Higher speed in the immigration process.
  • Reduction of the staff in charge of the immigration process due to the entirely realization of this process in an automatic way and without the intervention of immigration officers.
  • It provides the immigration process with security, speed and efficiency.


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