Multi-biometric identification Platform.

Multi-biometric Identification Platform is a platform that integrates biometric services and processes, which is able to provide identification and authentication facilities from different biometric features.

Multi-biometric Identification Platform may be useful:

  • In every institution that develops or has systems requiring the use of biometric equipment aimed at  identification and authentication services.

BIOMESYS allows:

  • Enrollment of persons from biographical and biometric data capturing, particularly fingerprints, face, and signature.
  • Identification of persons included in the system.
  • Among identification and biometric verification services are:
    • Fingerprints vs Fingerprints.
    • Latent Fingerprints vs Fingerprints.
    • Latent Fingerprints vs Latent Fingerprints of unsolved cases.
    • Palm prints vs Palm prints.
    • Latent Palm Prints vs Palm Prints.
    • Latent Palm Prints vs Palm Latent Palm Prints of unsolved cases.
    • Face vs Face.
    • Edited Faces vs Face, Identikit picture vs Face.
    • Voice vs Voice, DNA vs DNA.
  • The Exchange of information with other systems.


BIOMESYS's features are:

  • This Platform has been developed meeting the international standards from ANSI and OASIS.
    • ANSI NIST TL-1 -2000WSQ and JPG-2000 for image storing and exchange.
    • INCITS 442-2010 Biometric Identity Assurance Services (BIAS).
    • OASIS BIAS SOAP Profile.
    • ISO/IEC 19785-1 Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework (CBEFF).
    • Biometric Data Block (BDB).
    • ISO/IEC 19794-*.
    • ANSI/NIST ITL-*.
    • ISO/IEC 19784 BioAPI.
  • Availability of a database to store the biographical and biometric information of persons.



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