Criminal Investigation Support Platform

Criminal Investigation Support Platform Suite of integrated computer processes, services and solutions which supports Criminal Investigation processes on a service-oriented architecture. It is made up of the following solutions:

  • Multi-biometric Identification Platform (Face-Fingerprint-Palm print).
  • Expert Investigation System.
  • Criminal Enrollment System.
  • Massive Load Process.
  •  Irregularities Resolution System.

The Criminal Investigation Support Platform can be useful: 

  • In Institutions carrying out criminal prosecutions such as police units, forensic laboratories, police investigation centers, etc.

PMAIC allows:

  • Persistence of basic biographical information and Face, Fingerprint and Palm print biometric information, Tattoos and Marks according to the concepts of the BIAS standard.
  • Four types of search (Imprints vs Fingerprints, Imprints vs Imprints, Fingerprints vs Imprints and Fingerprints vs Fingerprints) for Face, Fingerprint and Palm print biometrics.
  • The manual monitoring, by accredited specialists, of doubtful cases in Enrollment and Identification processes.
  • Live and paper enrollment, from ten print/palm print biometric information cards.
  • Editing images before they are sent on search requests. (Extraction of minutiae, visual improvement of images)
  • Processing irregularity records that are collected as part of the enrollment and massive load processes, and some insertions carried out on the Expert Investigation System.
  • Providing the managers and executives of the organization with the information and IT tools which allow them to learn and make decisions in "real time”, according to the performance of the criminal activity and the results of law enforcement tasks.
  • Exchanging information with other systems under international standards.

PMAIC's features are:

  • Implementation of international standards  defined by ANSI and OASIS:
    • ANSI NIST TL-1-2000
    • WSQ and JPG-2000 for image storing.
    • INCITS 442-2010 BIAS (Biometric Identity Assurance Services)
    • ISO/IEC 19785-1 Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework (CBEFF): OASIS XML CBEFF
    • Biometric Data Block (ISO/IEC 19794-* y ANSI/NIST ITL-*)
    • ISO/IEC 19784 BioAPI.
  • Generation of lists of candidates with traits permissible for manual review.
  • Use of a Multi Biometric Matching Platform for identification.
  • Establishment of a platform for collaboration between different investigative disciplines involved in the resolution of cases.
  • No use of proprietary hardware and integration with a variety of live or paper scan devices.
  • Administration interface and control of servers for search and matching.
  • Implementation of the workflow treatment in activities of criminal investigation under the process modeling technology with a service-oriented approach.
  • High availability, performance, efficiency and scalability.

 Expert Investigation System

 Criminal Enrollment System

 Massive Load Process


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