BIOMESYS Framework Bioapi

Framework for biometric deployment.


BIOMESYS FRAMEWORK BIOAPIis a product developed to standardize management mechanisms of biometric information capture devices and to normalize the incorporation of these devices to systems and applications, so that upgrades, maintenance and development of solutions can be sustainable.


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  •  In organizations using software to develop computer solutions and systems requiring management of biometric devices.


BIOMESYS Framework Bioapi allows:

  • Interacting with different biometric devices, which provide technological independence.
  • Standardizing the use of different biometric capture devices.
  • Access to biometric processing algorithms in client stations and comparison for primitive operations.
  • In face biometrics, it allows mesh extraction, eye detection, verification of the quality of the face image and verifying whether two face images are the same.
  • In fingerprint biometrics, it allows verifying the quality of the fingerprint, whether fingerprints are flat or rolled, fingerprint verification, segmenting fingerprints and areas based on descriptors.
  • In palmprint biometrics, it allows segmenting a palmprint given a bigger area, rolled prints from a strip, the areas of interest of a model, the palmprint minutiae in the thenar and hypothenar regions and the base of the fingers. Also, the extraction of palmprint minutiae as well as palmprint verification.
  • Interacting with biometric devices:
    • DactyScan 26
    • DactyScan 26i
    • Multi-Scan 500
    • DactyID 15
    • DigitalPersona
    • Flatbed Scanners by TWAIN
    • WebCan
    • Canon Camera
    • Passport Scanner PRMC

BIOMESYS Framework Bioapi's features are:

  • It meets the following standards:
    • ISO/IEC 19784 BioAPI
    • ISO/IEC 19784-1 2006 amd.1 2007
    • ISO/IEC 30106
  • It supports image inputs in WSQ, JPEG, JPEG2000 and PNG formats.
  • It incorporates new biometric devices.



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