Xyma Safe Intruder

Intruder and fire detection.

Xyma Safe Intruder, enables registration and monitoring, via IP, of events generated by intrusion and fire detection panels.

Xyma Safe Intruder can be useful in different sectors of society such as: business, hotel and catering trade, banking, health, etc.


Xyma Safe Intruder allows:

  • Centralized monitoring.
  • Recording events.
  • Event Automatic response.
  • Unlimited system operators, with definable user levels.
  • Sending alerts via SMS, e-mail or by voice.
  • Automatic processing of non-emergency signals without requiring intervention of the operator.
  • Scalability of the system with a treelike structure.
  • Using the existing LAN infrastructure with all the advantages it involves.

Xyma Safe Intruder's features are:

  • User creation and configuration, which must correspond to those created in the intruder panel.
  • Configuration of zones and partitions that have been programmed to the intruder panel.
  • Configuration of links, modules/sensors and zones that have been programmed to the fire panel.
  • Monitoring events sent by the panel with a wide variety of filters of different categories (alarms, faults or problems, and others).
  • Recording all events and actions that take place during the system operation.
  • Reports of operations.
  • Module of actions prescriptions to be executed based on the events received. They can be manual or automatic (e.g send an e-mail, make a phone call, send a message to a pager, SMS).
  • Maps of the plan view of the facility where sensors and/or zones and partitions will be located, as well as their status.


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